Ekaanda Saraswathi Veenai @Brhaddhvani

Shri P. Natrajan, Paarampariya Veenai Craftsman had received an order from Germany to make a Veenai with unique specifications.

He enlightens us on the topic, with the following words,

This is called Ekaanda Body Veenai, as it has no decorations or carvings on it. It is 3 inches longer than the usual Veenai and 1 inch broader. Even if the Veenai player tends to sweat on it, it can be wiped away easily, (whereas Veenai bought from shops collect dirt that are difficult to wipe).

7 birdais and arumbu are made of Rose Wood. Usually the birdai’s are ready-made ones that we attach but here, they have been are designed uniquely (made of palaa maram). The surakkai and screws are also made of wood. Matta reku is 3 inch, mettu is rende mukkal.

It is un-polished and looks nice. It is much lighter than the traditional Veenai.

Here he displays his craft:


To know more about him click link below:


To know about recent workshop that he is conducting click link below:



Veenai and Tamburas of various kinds , sizes and materials are custom made at reasonable rates (conditions apply). Further enquiries will be answered at admin@brhaddhvani.org 



BRHADDHVANI is a non-profit registered organization with 80G tax exemption. Your generous support and patronage to us qualifies for exemption from income-tax.



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