Veenai making@Workshop (R. A. Puram)

Smt. Kumudha Balaji being a disciple of Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian is undergoing a Veenai-making workshop from Monday, 26th Jan.

She is being trained in the same by Shri P. Natrajan, Paarampariya Veenai craftsman at Brhaddhvani. This is being held at Brhaddhvani’s R. A. Puram premises. Brhaddhvani’s children can view this workshop at a specified time given by the office at Abhiramapuram.

About Shri P. Natrajan:

He is the son of  M. Palaniappan who learnt the art from his father from the age of 10.

Below is a book on him authored by Norbert Bayer-Lautenbau in Sudindien- M. Palaniappan Achari und seine Arbeit. This is an illustrative documentation of his works. it has been published by Museum Fur Volkerkunde.

Palaniappan AchariShri Natrajan’s son Mr. Karthik is also in the Veenai making craft and is assisting in carpentering the Veenai.

To read about their works, please click the link below:

Here are some photos from the workshop:




Here she can be seen slicing out the excess wax, measuring the fret positions 

To know about her (Smt. Kumudha Balaji) click the link below:


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