notes by Professor Subramanian Swaminathan


Professor Subramanian Swaminathan is a retired IIT Proffessor, Delhi, (Mechanical Engineering). He was instrumental in making the Brihadambal Temple Concert recently held on Jan 9th. He introduced Pudukkotai Archeological relics to the people (from Brhaddhvani) who had been to this trip.  He is a cousin of Dr. Karaikudi Subramanian.

To read an article about his works, in The Hindu Newspaper, click the following link:

To know more on the trip and Brihadambal Temple concert click below link:

On request, Mr. Swaminathan has written the following note on the same for our readers;

The Samasthanam of Pudukkottai had an unbroken tradition of nearly 350 years of promoting art and culture of the Tamil country. Its contribution in the field of music and dance are noteworthy. Not only many leading artistes decorated the Tondiaman court, but many from Pudukkottai contributed to these art forms immensely. The Manpundia school of mridangam and Tirugokarnam (better known as Karaikkudi) veena school are two examples. Some of the kings in the line were well-versed in them, like Vijayaraghunatharaya Tondaiman, a contemporary of Music Trinity of Tiruvarur, was a great composer himself. The Brihadambal Temple, a temple of 8th century vintage, was the venue for performance. But after the smasthanam’s merger with the Indian Union all these art forms went into oblivion because of lack of official patronage.

Interestingly, all the musical inscriptions of Tamilnadu, like the Kudumianmalai inscription, lies within this district, adding to its musical importance.
Brihadambal Aradhana is an effort to bring back the glorious tradition with popular support.
Subramanian Swaminathan
he can be reached at
Below are some of the links he has shared with us:

Srirangam Site-seminar

Ajanta – An overview;

Ajanta – Mahajanaka Jataka

Ajanta – Its Textile Heritage

Sittannavasal monuments

Sittannavasal – a proposal for preserving its paintings

Jaina Vestiges in Pudukkottai;

Pudukkottai – Its contribution to Tamil Culture

Lalitankura-Pallava-Griham – Pallava Cave Temple on Rockfort, Tiruchirappalli

Mahabalipuram Monuments – Part 1 (Introduction)

Mahabalipuram Monuments – Part 2 (Cave temples)

Mahabalipuram Monuments – Part 3 (Rathas)

Mahabalipuram Monuments – Part 4 (Structural temples)

Mahabalipuram Manuments – Part 5 (Open-air bas-reliefs)

Story of scripts – Part 1 Introduction (55 slides)

Story of scripts – Part 2 Sumerian Cuneiform (44 slides)

Story of scripts – Part 3 Egyptian Hieroglyphs (67 slides)

Story of Scripts – Part 5 Meso-American Scripts (98 slides)


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